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Comfortable nightwear for ladies, kids and men

All the chicest mamas, put your hands up!

*drum roll* Mackly Sleep is launching silky, soft and straight-out-of-runway maternity wear so it’s time to chit chat about it.

Motherhood is pure and supreme yet the art of sporting maternity wear is not even considered an art, it’s seen as a purely utilitarian form of attire. Let’s change that, shall we?

1. Comfort meets style

The universal style rule is to kiss comfort on the cheek but that doesn’t mean you completely ignore style. Even in this quite troubling world, style and comfort can live in harmony.

All our silhouettes make it easier for you to move around. You could wear this all day when working from home or even curl up on the sofa watching your favourite show wearing this.

2. Conquer versatility

Being pregnant calls for less time for many things—including, dressing up for different occasions. Therefore, it’s almost wise to pick transitional clothes that can effortlessly be pulled off for different places like work, brunch or meet-the-nosy-aunties tea party.

Pairing our tops with a midi skirt to look profesh; matching the tank tops to our pants. Oh, even better, put on a blazer over our dresses. You’re good to go.

3. Know your true colours

Picking the maternity in the right shades will keep you in the company of more joy and less need to side-eye the people who annoy you.

Our maternity collection predominantly focuses on subtle, calming and welcoming pastels like candyfloss pink and lilac. Also, we have got a good mix of neutrals; the lighter neutrals like muted grey that whispers serenity and the darker neutrals that reminds you to make a bolder statement at all times.

4. Think about the future

Everything around you should have a future, including your maternity clothes. They are not there to disappear after you stop nursing your baby. They are sort of a priceless souvenir that sticks along the beautiful journey you and your baby share in the first few months of connection, love and vulnerability.

Mackly Sleep maternity collection is made to last as an indescribable memory and chic wardrobe staple that you could pull off for years to come.

5. Little things matter

. Not to sound like perfectionists because none of us is but that’s no reason to settle for less. We know you’re a badass mom with the kindest heart and the loveliest soul so let’s not settle for less—meaning, no more ill-fitted clothes, dysfunctional designs and meaningless details.

Our very first maternity collection is closely crafted with details like lace placements, cute frills, and a not-so-obvious opening to facilitate breastfeeding.

To get a closer look at our very first maternity collection, browse our site right away! If you’ve got any questions or requests, feel free to buzz us.